Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Mothers Nest

This year for my birthday, I told the boys (husband included), not to buy me a thing. I wanted them to have fun and make something for me. We spend Easter at Scott's parents home, and while I was away for the day, they made this awesome nest out of paper mache with their Dad. The eggs are my "Boys"...top left is Scott, top right is Luke, bottom right is Zach and bottom left is Tyler. Zach has brown spots all over because he recently had chicken pox, and Tyler is green because his jacket was green that day! How sweet. They hid the Nest in a large tree, and I had to find it. They were so excited to give something they spent so much time working on...and not one of them gave away the secret. I was so proud of them, and so touched to see their work. There is no better compliment they could have given me on my birthday then to say I make them a wonderful nest.

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