Saturday, March 30, 2013

Food Matters

Scott and I just finished watching Food Matters on Netflix.

It is quite an eye opener, especially to anyone who has an illness, or is taking drugs of any kind.
One of our friends is starting a raw food diet, and at first I was skeptical. I thought it was about weight loss, but I was wrong. After seeing this show, it made me aware of what we are really eating, and how raw foods can help us stay healthy longer. It is true. You are what you eat. My mother told me this all the time when I was growing up, as she tried to get us to eat our vegetables. I still don't like many vegetables...but I am going to make a change. Change is good.

Our life is good, but it could be better!

We are not going vegan/vegetarian. We are going to take a few small steps and put more plants in our diet.

Starting tomorrow morning, I am going to wake up and have a big glass of water, eat a raw breakfast and make sure to take my vitamins.

Watch it and tell us what you think.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Break 2013

This year, we are going to take a fitness and life approach to Spring Break.
We are going to try some new things, start some new traditions, and have fun while teaching our boys about keeping fit. We are going to start each morning with a quick fitness routine (the boys will create it), with whatever fun exercises they can think of, and shop together for healthy foods to eat all week. I am going to register them for the "almost free swimming lessons" that happen at our local pool, where they need kids to train the future lifeguards. For $5.00 they get a week of lessons..even though they can't sign off a level, it is great practice.
Here is a rough outline of our two week Spring Break:

Monday - Healthy food shopping and Skating at LEC
Tuesday - Swimming and Art (starting our first sketch books, and learning to paint still objects)
Wednesday - Swimming and Music (including a piano workshop with our regular piano teacher and making air band instruments out of cardboard)
Thursday - Swimming and Superhero Day (Strength training/obstacle courses..and general playground challenges as well as making our own superhero capes)
Friday - Swimming and Cavemen Day (Trip to Derby Reach Park for a collection of rocks/sticks and walk along the river)
Saturday - Singing at the Seniors Home (with our children's church group)
Sunday - Family Trip to Whistler
Monday - Skiing and Wood projects (including my son's first Kub Kar)
Tuesday - Skiing
Wednesday - Library and Reading (Make and design a book cover, sight word challenge)
Thursday - Easter crafts, coloring eggs, planing spring flowers and Springtime Fun.
Friday - Family Hike (Create our own Trail Mix)
Saturday - Leaving this day free..not sure what to do yet...maybe we will do Dates with Dad. Each boy gets an hour with Dad..they choose what they get to do and eat with him!
Sunday - EASTER

For those close by, if you want to join us..please do! Give me a quick email or phone call, and we can tell you exact times and places. Everyone have a great Spring Break, and pray for lots of sunshine.

What creates clutter?

Pieces taken from the book, Your Money or your Life...."Most clutters comes into our life through the "more is better" door. It comes from a little thing called materialism, of looking for inner fulfillment in outer possessions.
Our attics, basements, garages, closets and storage sheds are havens of clutter. Just because it is out of sight, does not mean it is not clutter.
Is meaningless activity a form of clutter?  How many power lunches, parties, long evenings in front of the computer or TV have been clutter (activities that add nothing positive to your life). What about disorganized days, full of busyness, with no sense of accomplishment? And what about items on your To Do list that never get done?
There is sound clutter. Elements in your environment that don't serve you yet take up space.
Unplanned errands are often clutter...running to the store twice a day for items forgotten.
Hobbies are clutter"

For a laugh...If you want clutter...follow the tips on this site: 20 ways to create clutter.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring clean your finances

When I think about spring cleaning, it usually includes washing windows, dusting and changing out our winter clothes and equipment for the spring and summer stuff.
Have you ever thought about doing a spring cleaning and decluttering your finances?
In the book Your Money or Your Life, it gives nine steps to help you develop your own personal definition of clutter and rid yourself of it. I am not going to give away the steps, you should read it for yourself (get a library card, and borrow it). But, I will say, it has helped us to rethink how we spend, why we spend, and how easy it is to stop spending so much on things that bring us no fulfillment.
Just like getting rid of clutter out of the home, or out of your mind brings a sense of relief, so will decluttering your money.

Your Money or Your Life

Our newest book of interest. Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez. 
Scott and I are always looking for ways to be frugal and happy. This book makes you think about what you really value, and how much "life energy" you are spending on things that do not make you feel happy.
I am going to give brief notes on things that are of interest to us while we are reading this time....

The first thing that hit me was this from Chapter 1.
"What do we do when we are depressed, when we are lonely, when we feel unloved? More often than not we buy something to make us feel better. A new outfit. A drink (or two). A new car. An ice cream cone. A ticket to Hawaii. A bag or Oreos (or two).
When we want to celebrate good fortune, we buy something. A round of drinks. A catered wedding. A diamond ring. A bouquet of roses.
When we are bored, we buy something. A magazine. A cruise. A board game.
When we think there must be more to life, we buy something. A workshop. A self help book. A therapist. A house in the country.
None of this is wrong. It is just what we do. We have learned to seek external solutions to signals from the mind, heart and soul that something is out of balance. We try to satisfy essentially psychological and spiritual needs with consumption at a physical level. How did this happen?"

Your Money or Your Life: 9 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence: Revised and Updated for the 21st Century