Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Service and Acts of Love

So, I was going to report all the service we have been doing this week, and then it hit me that all our service will be for naught if I tell everyone. I mean, isin't the point to serve and have no one know your good deeds? Hmmm. We have been doing such lovely things together as a family, baking, leaving gifts, making new friends, that I get excited and want to share our good feelings with others. I want others to feel the same joy we have with serving others. There are so many examples in the scriptures, that we need to love and serve one another, and in so doing will be blessed. I have seen the blessings that come from doing good to others, and we look forward to many more days of doing service with a smile.
I must say one thing, the highlight of the week was going to the Fire Department to drop off goodies. It happened to be the first day of snow, and there were alot of calls for the firetruck that day. We came just as a group was finishing a long shift, and they were more than happy to show the boys the truck, and the equipment. It was a lovely experience, and we hope that we have the same feelings of joy and love when we sing at the hospital at the end of this week.
May you all find some small way to serve someone else, and seek the blessings of doing good to others.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Fun doing service

The first week is done, and we have had so much fun doing our service with a smile.
This week, we brought donations to the food bank, dropped off toys to the school toy drive, helped cook a dish for our church Christmas party, gave gifts to our basketball coaches to thank them, and sang for someone who is very sick in the hospital. My boys favorite thing this week was when we drove through Tim Hortons, and paid for the order behind us. They were so excited, they asked me to drive slow, so they could watch the people's faces behind us, when they came to the window and the lady told them their order had been paid for. They found so much joy in sharing, and look forward to doing more this week. One day we had to give 5 compliments to people, and really mean them. They reported at dinner time, who they complimented, or helped, and how it made them feel.
I am really enjoying this season much more, when we have something kind to do each day. Tonight we are dropping off goodies to our local fire department, and the boys hope they will get to see the fire truck up close!
They are also starting to talk about getting each other gifts, with the money they have been saving up. This has been a nice change, since most of the time they only think about themselves. Maybe we will conquer this youth entitlement afterall.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Is your shopping under control?

Around this time of the year, we all hit the stores and shop like crazy trying to get everyone the perfect gift. They we buy, and buy and buy some more. If you are like me, I  forget what I already have, and see a terrific item on sale, and think "That would be perfect", and I buy it. My kids do not need much, and we try hard not to spoil them (this is part of them growing up not expecting so much too!)
My sister gave me a great idea last year to keep shopping under control.
Each kid gets something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. 
That is it. We buy 4 gifts for each child. I am finding it difficult as their toy want list keeps growing, but I am going to stick with the plan. Santa brings them their favorite thing, and other family members get them things too, so why do we feel as parents that we have to get every item on the list to make them happy. Does that really make them happy?