Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What does clutter do to you?

What does a dirty, cluttered home do to you?
It makes you feel tired. A cluttered home is a visual and psychic drain. All that stuff makes you fatigued. One of the most fatigued people I know simply can NOT throw anything away. Antiques are her specialty. Everything is a “collectible.” But that does not mean SHE has to collect it. This client is slowly letting go of her addiction to acquiring and is finding her energy is rebounding.
It makes you feel hopeless. Simply put, too much stuff is overwhelming and we can’t handle it all, so we throw our psychological hands in the air in frustration. This leads to that hopeless, it’s-all-inevitable feeling.
It makes you poor. Yep, that’s right: POOR. Ever notice those homes of the mega-wealthy? They’re a study in restraint. You notice their homes because stuff isn’t everywhere.
Time and time again, I notice the environments of people who are struggling to make ends meet, and I notice that they have an overwhelmingly HUGE baseball cap collection, some kind of collectible that’s taken over the house, or too many pets. Get rid of all but the most meaningful things. You can do it.
How does clutter hurt you? It makes you feel out of control in your life. That’s because the stuff is in control and you’re not. Put yourself in the driver’s seat of your life and take control of all THAT STUFF by donating it, throwing it away, or organizing it — and get everyone in your home in on the act.
What does a clean, organized home do for you?
It gives you a sense of calm. Imagine walking in to a room where the tops are cleared off and there are no papers and mess scattered about. How does it make you feel? That’s the AAAHHHH feeling you get when you walk into a hotel room…it’s neat and you can see the room and not all the stuff.
It gives you back your health. Dirty, cluttered houses can make you fatigued, constipated, have back pain, and congested. Not just because there’s stuff everywhere, but because there is dust on all that stuff — and dust is nothing but negative energy. Unclog your home and your health might be better to boot!
It gives you wealth. Think about the times when you were doing well financially… As money worries piled up, did you ever make the correlation that so has all the stuff around you? Get rid of it and you will see financial flow again.
It puts you in control of your life. Suddenly, order appears in the Universe, you can find things, the feeling of being overwhelmed isn’t omnipresent and you look forward to things; life is sweet again.

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