Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Seven Habits of Happy Kids

This week we have been readying the Seven Habits of Happy Kids by Sean Covey. It is a picture book, with a bunch of characters that the kids can relate to, and in so doing they can apply the good habits in their lives. We can use the common words together now when there is a problem. If Tyler does not want to do homework, I might say, "We need to put first things first" and he will know I don't want him to procrastinate.
This book teaches them proper principles that are needed more than ever. Each chapter covers one habit, and at the end there is a parent/teacher page to help kids take small steps in developing this habit. At the end of the book is a diagram of how the habits work together.
I have read all the stories over and over, and it is the book they ask for at night. Each time, we ask them questions from the end of the chapter, and we talk about how we can work on it.
Great book.

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