Saturday, February 11, 2012

Night for ME

Starting this year, Scott suggested that each of us should take a "Night for ME".

He read about it in a magazine called The Ensign. The question was posed: How do I achieve balance in my life given all the demands on my time? 

People wrote in with their answers, and he was struck by what a woman from Conneticut said: 

Finally, I have a
night for me
. On Tuesday nights, my husband enjoys time with our children while I focus on tasks I wouldn’t be able to otherwise. I have used that time to work on homework for a course I’m taking, to write Christmas letters, or to catch up on journal writing. (We also make sure that my husband gets time for his personal projects, too.)"

At first I was sceptical, thinking.."Oh yah, like that is going to am I supposed to do the things I want here at home, without the kids interrupting?" But, as always, I decided to put his idea to the test. So, we sat down to pick our nights, and began to place all the things we needed to do, or wanted to do, on that particular night. Instead of fighting over nights, and double booking, it became easier to plan. I know that Thursday is his night, so I never book anything on that night. 

It has really worked, and it has saved us. With kids, and all their activities taking up the calendar, it is important to have a night reserved just for myself. It makes me a happier person, and in turn, creates more happiness in my family. I am able to do my church responsibilities, work on projects that are usually left until Saturday, do some personal shopping (not just for groceries), have fun blogging, and sit upstairs and read quietly. And if I feel like visiting a friend, I am free to just go!

My Night for Me starts after dinner, and stops when I choose to go to bed. How sweet, eh?

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