Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Team Work..The Clogged Kitchen Sink

We moved into our home over a year ago, and have had the pleasure of unplugging the sink three times. Today was number three. We have learned a little about teamwork through this trial, as well as how many peelings..and how much water to put down the garburator/insinkerator/food disposal..whatever you want to call it.
After buying a very big wrench and a plumbing snake (as well as a little help from google), the first two times were easy..we put everything back together and were so proud of ourselves. This time, it took a bit longer, but still with both of us under the sink we were able to unplug it.

It can be hard to work together, especially when someone gets blamed, or someone gets defensive, or someone thinks their way is the best, and the other person does not agree. This type of scenario happens all the time. I am reminded time and time again that the word TEAM does not have an I in it. In order to solve some problems, you have to let go of selfish pride, and be a little humble, and work at things together for the greater good.

I think our sink gets plugged to keep us reminded of this!


  1. Why did it take longer to finish? That probably doesn’t matter now because you were still able to finish it with everybody’s participation. Maybe the sink did help you realize the essence of teamwork. I guess, you learned two things with this scenario: 1) teamwork and 2) how to be a plumber, hehe. :D

  2. It is always good to look at our trials in life, and try to find the positive out of them.
    The clog in the pipe was much farther down the third time. So, we had to snake it over and over again. We were just glad that the snake did reach the clog, and we were able to jiggle it loose finally.

  3. Clogged kitchen sink should be fixed immediately before it gets full and lead to a disaster. If you don't know how to deal with it, you may rely on a professional plumber to do the task for you.

  4. I guess I did not finish the story...once it was unplugged, we called in a plumber to replace our food disposal, and put in new pipes so everything fit properly! You are right, that stuff is best left to the professionals. Thank you.