Saturday, June 9, 2012

You are speaking my language

I saw Scott reading a book last week. I looked at the front and thought it was a romantic novel. It was purple with a couple walking along a beach.

Jenny says, "What are you reading?"
Scott says, "The 5 Love Languages. You should read it too, and we can take the test together"
Jenny says, "I read that book back in University before we were married."
Scott says, "You may be surprised by the results"
Jenny says, "I bet I can guess your love language. Hee Hee"

So, we both read the book, and took the test last night online. There is one in the book, but we wanted to have an electronic copy of the results to refer back to.
My main language scored a 12, which is the highest score one language can receive. It must be really important to me. Scott actually tied between two languages (both of which were not the one I thought it was!), which makes it easier for me to love him. I can choose one of the two and know he will feel loved by me. The neat thing is we figured out that we can both speak the same language to each other, and it will be neat to see how things turn out.

It is worth the read, and the suggestions at the end of each chapter help you to know how to talk the language of the person you want to love.

Quote from Author: " I dream of a day when the potential of the married couple can be unleashed for the food of humankind, when husbands and wives can live life with full emotional love tanks and reach out to accomplish their potential as individuals and as couples. I dream of a day when children can grow up in homes filled with love and security, where children's developing energies can be channeled to learning and serving rather than seeking the love they did not receive at home. It is my desire that this brief volume will kindle the flame of love in your marriage and in the marriages of thousands of other couples like you."

You can take the test today and find out for yourself.

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  1. I'm going to do this with Anthony. Thamks for the suggestion!