Sunday, October 28, 2012

NO NO November

After talking with a couple of good girlfriends, and generally feeling like we needed to eat healthier and take better care of ourselves, we motivated each other to eat healthy for the whole month of November. It is so easy to slip into the habit of snacking after dinner, when the kids are asleep, and you are sitting down to your favorite show or book. And what do you usually snack on? I am betting it is not celery sticks!
Halloween is only a few days away, I always eat too much junk at Halloween, and I find that after Halloween I am the one consuming all the left over candy. Not this year!
No No November.
That is right...No more junk, no more sugar, and no more bad food choices.
It is fun to have a goal, and to know others are working towards the same thing. If you want to eat healthier in November, join me. There are no rules or regulations. We all know how to eat healthy, and we all know how to make smart food let's start making them!
Everyone can benefit from healthier eating. This is not about losing weight...this is about feeling better about yourself, and knowing that you have the willpower to say No to that sweet treat. Besides, when you are eating better, you will sleep better, and tend to be less cranky..which means you will be happier, right?
Of course, exercise is always going to help motivate me to keep eating I am also going to walk every morning (at the inside track, with the my little one in the stroller) for 20-30 mins, after I drop off my older boys at school.
Good luck with setting your own goals, and if there are any other healthy eating tips out there..share with all of us. Or if you have a good idea for what helps you to stay away from junk food, that would be most appreciated...because I sure struggle with the temptation to eat sugar.

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