Monday, November 5, 2012

Craft Fairs

I love the idea of reusable cloth bags for wrapping all my gifts at Christmas. Check out my post: Cloth Christmas Bags
I was interested in seeing what the world of craft fairs is all about, so I registered to see if this was a product that others would be interested in.
In truth, I really want to encourage others to be more earth friendly, and to find ways to simplify their lives (especially at Christmas time, when there can be so much stress). These bags are just one way to make things hassle free in our lives, and it feels so good to wrap the gifts all up in minutes, and then have no garbage on Christmas morning.

Scott and I worked together to come up with prices, display and a business plan. Well, actually, he did an entire spreadsheet, working out the square inch of each size, how much it cost for each bag, what my expenses were, and what I should charge. He is so number savvy. He even had the great idea to put the pricing and information in picture frames. What a smart man I married.

The craft fair was a bit disappointing. It was in a poor location, not well advertised, and only about 50 people came through the entire day. I was hoping for a better trial run.
But, I still had a great day.

I found out there is some really valuable information about craft fairs online. If you want to try it yourself, there are list of what to bring, what to say, and suggestions on how to display.
I was lucky that I did not have to pay for my table at this one, but most others you are looking at around $25.00 to rent the space for the day. Most of the craft fairs want you to donate a door prize, which can also take away from your profit..and it is really tough not to spend money when you see so many other neat crafty things. I was also lucky to have a good friend right next to me, so I had someone to chat with, otherwise, I would have been very bored. And I hope that people know when they go to a craft fair that some of these people spend hours making their home made products. My friend made cranberry steamed puddings which take two hours each just to bake. There is a reason they charge what they do! I am lucky that I can make mine in advance, and at a low cost. I keep them very simple, because again...I want to encourage simplicity!

I will try again on November 17th at the Alex Hope Elementary School in Walnut Grove, Langley. Come on by and see them for yourself!

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  1. I have been looking into craft fairs as well...I am so un-educated about them. I have no idea what to do or expect. Thanks for your post. I hope the next one goes well.