Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Break 2013

This year, we are going to take a fitness and life approach to Spring Break.
We are going to try some new things, start some new traditions, and have fun while teaching our boys about keeping fit. We are going to start each morning with a quick fitness routine (the boys will create it), with whatever fun exercises they can think of, and shop together for healthy foods to eat all week. I am going to register them for the "almost free swimming lessons" that happen at our local pool, where they need kids to train the future lifeguards. For $5.00 they get a week of lessons..even though they can't sign off a level, it is great practice.
Here is a rough outline of our two week Spring Break:

Monday - Healthy food shopping and Skating at LEC
Tuesday - Swimming and Art (starting our first sketch books, and learning to paint still objects)
Wednesday - Swimming and Music (including a piano workshop with our regular piano teacher and making air band instruments out of cardboard)
Thursday - Swimming and Superhero Day (Strength training/obstacle courses..and general playground challenges as well as making our own superhero capes)
Friday - Swimming and Cavemen Day (Trip to Derby Reach Park for a collection of rocks/sticks and walk along the river)
Saturday - Singing at the Seniors Home (with our children's church group)
Sunday - Family Trip to Whistler
Monday - Skiing and Wood projects (including my son's first Kub Kar)
Tuesday - Skiing
Wednesday - Library and Reading (Make and design a book cover, sight word challenge)
Thursday - Easter crafts, coloring eggs, planing spring flowers and Springtime Fun.
Friday - Family Hike (Create our own Trail Mix)
Saturday - Leaving this day free..not sure what to do yet...maybe we will do Dates with Dad. Each boy gets an hour with Dad..they choose what they get to do and eat with him!
Sunday - EASTER

For those close by, if you want to join us..please do! Give me a quick email or phone call, and we can tell you exact times and places. Everyone have a great Spring Break, and pray for lots of sunshine.

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