Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Experiment at Christmastime

We are now on to month #4 in the ongoing getting rid of youth entitlement experiment here in our home. Since Christmas is just around the corner, we decided to give the kids a bit of a break. Not much, just a bit!
They are currently keeping their rooms clean, beds made, making meals and cleaning up once a week, and doing laundry without a complaint (at least not too many complaints. I still find some clothes just dumped on a chair in the room, so I just take 2 coins, and eventually those clothes are put where they belong).
 Today we cashed in, and the boys were asking what the next challenge is. I am grateful they are still happy to participate.
For December, we are doing SERVICE WITH A SMILE. Every day on our advent calendar there will be a piece of paper that will say what we are going to do that day to serve someone else. Yes, that is right, every day this entire month.
We created a list of things we could do together, and Mom filled in the rest. I wanted to include things that would really help them to overcome being shy with others. Otherwise, we will be making cookies everyday and dropping them on people's doorsteps and running away. They have to learn to show proper manners when giving.

Here is our list:
1. Donate a new toy to the school
2. Donate food to food bank (at the church party and craft fair entrance)
3. Donate clothing/bedding to Phillippines
4. Donate an item for an adopted family (Scott’s work and Tyler’s class)
5. Attend the Church Christmas Dinner (make a dish to share)
6.Attend a Christmas Musical (give a gift to one of the performers)
7. Attend the Kids Christmas Active Party (make a new friend)
8. Be Secret Elves to 2 families (wrap all gifts, put on doorstep, ring bell and run)
9. Drive around looking at Christmas lights and leave money donations if they are asking
10. Sing Carols on Christmas Eve to our neighbours
11. Hold an open house and invite the street over.
12. Give gifts to elderly single men and women that we know.
13. Sort through toys and find good condition ones we don’t use and donate to toy bank
14. Make and give cookies to our missionaries and friends
15. Give special German cookies in cloth bag to our teachers and wish them a Merry Christmas!
16. Set up our Christmas Tree and spend time together
17. Make ornaments for the tree (paper/ribbon in glass balls)

18. Record a song as a family and send via email to friends/family.
19. Deliver goodies to our local Fire and Police Departments
20. Sing songs at the Care home.
21. Leave a special surprise for the mail carrier (in the mail box)
22. Serve each other. Do something nice in secret for each other.
23. Go shopping and pick out a gift for a member of the family
24. Smile at everyone you see today, and remember to say thank you
25. Donate warm clothes to our local homeless
26. Invite someone over for dinner that is all alone on Christmas.
27. Drive through Tim Hortons and pay for the persons order behind us
28. Compliment 5 people today and really mean it
29. Do something kind for someone today and tell us about it at dinnertime
30. Make Christmas cards and give to our friends and family
31. Shovel snow for someone else (or take in their garbage if there is no snow)

If you need more ideas:

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