Friday, November 4, 2011

Challenge ME #5 - Bathroom Drawers

Here is a look at the bathroom drawers in our home, organized in 30 minutes.

Master Drawer 1 - Things we use every morning, quick grab items

 Master Drawer 2 - Everything else organized into areas (nails, face, hair)

Master Drawer 3 - Large, bulky items

 Kids bathroom drawer

The trick to very organized drawers is finding the right containers/bins/holders to keep everything in. You can find containers like these anywhere. I got these at Fields.
Check out the container store for more ideas.

 We find it effective and efficient to keep similar items together, so if someone is looking for the nail clippers, they will be able to find them!

We also keep the kids teeth stuff in the drawer, rather than on the counter, to keep mess to a minimum.

Some other pics of organized bathroom drawers...

bathroom drawers    bathroom drawers
bathroom drawers

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