Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cloth Christmas Bags...reduce, reuse, recycle!

I love cloth Christmas bags!
  • They eliminate garbage on Christmas morning
  • I never have to buy wrapping paper or tape
  • We reuse them every year
  • There are lots of different colours and patterns under the tree
  • They make great gift ideas for friends and teachers
  • Wrapping gifts takes no time at all...just drop in the gift, and tie it shut!
  • Every gift can fit, and the wrapping looks beautiful.
  • They are easy to make (even for individuals who are sewing challenged, like me!)
  • I feel like I am doing my part to protect the environment.

Here is a shot of what some of ours look like:

My mother in law has used cloth Christmas bags ever since her kids were young. She is the one who gave me the idea. The bags she made are still around..and we continue to use them every year. She has made all sizes...even very small for stocking gifts. Once the gift is put in, and tied up with ribbon, we just attach the tag either to the ribbon or stick it to the bag. It is so fast. It is also great fun to see the material patterns change over the years, and to feel a connection to the past. 

Check out the bags in this video...they do not even use ribbon!

I think I will make some like these this year, and then we can just punch a hole in the tag, and stick it on the ring. So clever.

Go ahead... make your own. 

This ehow video will explain. 

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