Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Chore Chart Revision

We have used the Work Pay system for over 2 months now, and have seen ups and downs. Some weeks the kids are excited to do work pay, and other weeks they do nothing. The wonderful thing has been that the must do portion has helped them learn to flush the toilet, make their bed, and keep their room clean, as well as put their school bags in the right place. It was a great non-nagging way for me to teach them to do these things.

Our seven year old spoke to me this week, and said he had a better it is:
"Mom, we should each have just one chore for the whole week..and no one else gets to do our chore"
Here is our five year old son's response: " I don't like that idea".
So, we are in the middle of change once again.

Here was a chart one of our followers sent shows the task, how much it is worth, and each week one member of the family checks off which one they are going to do for the whole week. Each day, they get a star (same colour as their name) for that day, and at the end of the week, they add up the stars.

Talking to my moms group today, someone also mentioned, giving them the $5.00 (or whatever amount) at the beginning of the week. All this money is theirs if they do their specific chores. They have certain chores to do each day, and if they do not do them, one of the parents takes the money directly from the jar. For ex. Kid A is supposed to empty garbage. Moms says, " The garbage needs to go out." One warning...Kid A does not take out garbage...Mom does it...Mom takes money from the jar.

There are lots of different tactics for chore charts...I will do more research and blog what I come up with. Wow..I am starting to sound like Scott.

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