Friday, November 4, 2011

It's Not the Stork!

Scott and I decided it was time to talk to our boys about sex. 
Yes, to tell them the proper words, and where babies actually come from.Our boys are age 5 and 7, and we want them to hear truthful information from us first. Of course, we were not sure how to start, and exactly what to say now (and what can be said later on!).After much research, Scott found this book at the library, and it was perfect. His efficient way of doing research for everything has a way of irritating me...but in most instances, it pays off.

We read this book to our boys over the course of three nights. We wanted them to process what they heard, and ask questions. The book was very appropriate, and explained things in a simple, but straightforward way. 

We covered Chapters: Girls do this, Boys do that/Same?Different?/Toe to Head/Head to Toe/What Boys Have/What Girls Have/Girls Grow up, Boys Grow up. 

  • These chapters basically covered the anatomy inside and out, and the similarities and differences between males and females. 

So many eggs! So many sperm/It's Not the stork/The BIG swim/The growing womb/Pinpoint to Watermelon

  • These were heavy pages, and there were many more questions. We were honest with them, and stuck to the outline in the book, which put emphasis on things like... "a boys testicles Cannot make sperm until his body has become a man's body..that is why boys bodies cannot make a baby", so when we explained the process, by way of the friendly comic book type stories, they were glad because..."whew! I'm glad I'm too young!"

The Twisty Cord/All day, All night/It's a baby/Happy Birthday/Cuddles and Kisses/All kind of families/Okay touches, Not okay touches/ Girls, boys, friends/growing up. 

  • Many of the things in these chapters they already knew because we had talked about it during the birth of their youngest brother (who is 1), but it was great to have chapters on touching and friends, which is helpful for them at this age.

We listed the book and link under READ WITH US here on our blog..if you are looking for a solution to talking to your kids about sex, it can be as easy as sitting down and reading with them. We chose the book for ages 4 and up, but the same author has a book for ages 7 and up, and for ages 10 and up!

Just because you talk to them once, do not think your job is done!
Puberty is just around the corner. 
GOOD LUCK Parents!

Oh yah..and by parents, I mean both of you. No ducking out, and leaving it all to one person. They need both of you.
Scott and I both sat down and took turns reading and talking with our kids. Sure, I looked at him and giggled when he had to read the part about "When grown ups want to make a baby....". 
And the boys just looked at him, and said, "Do you and mom..." You get the picture. HAHAHAHA!

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