Friday, January 27, 2012

Daily Cleaning Routine

Daily Cleaning Routine

Make breakfast
Make school lunches
Check blackboard (family calendar) for kids activities
Unload dishwasher and load breakfast dishes
Wipe down kitchen
Make beds (make sure the boys have done theirs!)
Put in first load
Drive kids to school
Another load of laundry
Make Lunch
Clean up/Sweep up after lunch/playtime with toddler
Another load of laundry
Make Dinner
Kitchen Clean up (load dishwasher/wash all dishes/sweep floor)
Finish up laundry - Scott and kids put away clean piles
Quick tidy up

This is just an example of the cleaning I do each day. I feel like doing a little bit each day, really keeps clutter under control, and my home can be ready for visitors. I know how it feels to do the same thing day in and day out, and I have my complaining time too..but my goal is to keep a clean and organized home, and cleaning every day is the way to achieve it.

Why should you do these things daily?

Under housekeeping at, they say it best...

Smells, stains, and odd fungal growth usually go with forgotten dirty dishes. Cleaning dishes daily is the best choice all around.

Not every family needs to wash laundry daily, but many of us find that at least a daily load of laundry is necessary. With work clothes, school uniforms, soccer practice clothes, and sports uniforms, our families can generate a lot of dirty clothes. A daily load can help prevent a mad dash to find a baseball jersey in the bottom of a hamper.

Tidy Up:
Doing a little clutter control on a daily basis keeps your home ready for company at a moment's notice. A few minutes of picking up each day also prevent your home from turning into a disaster zone that will take hours to plow through. A tidy room makes a big difference in our motivation to tackle bigger projects. Use the 15 Minute Cleanups as a daily help to keep your main rooms ready for visitors.

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