Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Raising Boys

Scott and I are lucky to have three beautiful boys. We want them to be happy, well rounded little men. We want them to be fit, smart, and polite. We want them to show good manners when they are in someone else's home..the list could go on and on.
Most parents want the same basic things for their children, and we all struggle to find ways to teach and discipline them.

Just before Christmas vacation, we read a book called: Raising Boys: Why boys are Different - And How to Help Them Become Happy and Well Balanced Men.

The book is broken up into three sections according to age. 0-6 years, 6-14 years and 14 - adult. Within each section there is valuable information on what is going on with boys during this time and what is most needed to help them grow properly. At the end of each chapter he sums things up, "in a nutshell". If you have limited time to read, you can skip to the section you need help with now and pick up the book again when they reach the next stage. In fact, since Scott and I both read the book at the same time...and this one was quite popular from the library...we only had two weeks to read it. After reading the introduction, I skipped right to the chapter on a Moms role, just in case I didn't have time to finish.

Some things that stuck with me: 

1. Boys sometimes are deaf.  When they have a growth spurt the tube connecting the ear to the back of the throat stretches and thins, and can block easily causing temporary deafness.  Once the tube grows to catch up again it unblocks and hearing is restored!

2. He suggests keeping boys out of child care until 3 years old.

3. Dads need to build a strong relationship with them, since they will be looking for a male role model. There is no room for a dead beat dad.

4. Boys need to be involved in regular sports/exercise to burn up testosterone and reduce frustration and aggression.

5. A 4 year old boy has the same testosterone levels as a teenage boy.

For those who are not raising boys...you are in luck...he has also written: Raising Girls


  1. Great post Jenny!!! You should also read Barry McDonald's book Boys on Target - loved it!

  2. I will, thanks for the recommendation. I am always looking for more information on how to raise these little men.