Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Garbage Free Christmas Morning

Scott pointed out to me that this was our first garbage free Christmas morning. Every one of our gifts was wrapped in a reusable cloth bag, even Santa borrowed some! It took me 15 mins. to "wrap" all our gifts. And when I had an odd shaped present, I just custom made a bag to fit it.
The packages looked beautiful, with all sorts of different sizes and patterns. The boys had just as much fun opening bags as they would have paper. And when we were all done, the bags were all folded up and placed into one to be used next year. I love it! And since we were travelling, the bags helped keep everything together for the trip home. That is right, we did not lose one piece of Lego, Uberstiks or Mr. Potato Head body parts. HAHAHAHA!
We even saved money this year by giving reusable bags as gifts to teachers, friends and co-workers. Then they could all enjoy a hassle free Christmas too!
If you would like to try it, check out my post on Christmas Cloth Bags. You can buy them, make your own...or ask me...I will most likely be selling them next year. They are so wonderful.

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