Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekly cleaning routine

After discussion with some friends over how many bathrooms we clean, and how often we find urine in the toilet, I realized that cleaning bathrooms is not much of a problem for me, because I do all the major cleaning once a week, and only have to tidy up once in a while (if my little guy finds his way in and messes up a drawer, or pulls down some toilet paper).

This is my weekly cleaning routine. When I started this routine I wrote what task I was going to do that day on my blackboard wall. I found that in keeping with the routine, and not leaving things to the next day, that I did not miss cleaning bathrooms, or wonder "when did I clean the sheets last?".

Even on the days when I am busy, I make sure to get this one task done, because I know there is another one tomorrow...and I do not want a build up of chores on Saturday. I am lucky to be a stay at home mom, so I can work a schedule like this and our weekends are free for more family time.

The major weekly chores for me are the ones that take the most time to complete.
1. Laundry (wash, dry, fold and put away)
2. Bathrooms (deep clean)
3. Floors (mop/wax hardwood and vacuum entire carpeted areas including stairs and corners)
4. Windows/Walls (there are some areas that are well touched in the house..switches, door handles, walls in the hallway and stair wells and windows..these get a weekly wipe down)

Weekly Chores/Cleaning Routine
Monday - Laundry (Clothes...usually three loads...two dark and one light)
Tuesday - Laundry (Sheets and Towels only)
Wednesday - Bathrooms
Thursday - Laundry ( or two loads) and Windows/Walls
Friday - Floors
Saturday  - FREE - Family time, Organizing Projects, Errands..and sometimes windows/walls since my kids like to help with this one!
Sunday - Are you kidding me, we all need one day of rest. No major chores this day.
*Scott takes out the garbage and recycling, since Monday is pick up*

Scott is a great help. Some days, the laundry all gets cleaned and is in a huge mound on our bed, and he will come home and start sorting and folding. The kids are great, and will often help to put away their clean piles..although when they help, I wonder why I folded it, because it gets shoved in the drawer! My youngest son often "helps" me clean the bathrooms and floors and windows. As long as he has a cloth and is right beside me, I can usually get the job done.

Give it a try.
Set up a cleaning routine for yourself, and hopefully as time passes you will see just how clean your home can be with less effort.

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