Saturday, March 31, 2012

Running in the Rain

Hot Date Tonight...Scott and I are reviewing our training schedule by candle light tonight during Earth Hour. 

There are three months left before the 1/2 marathon, and we are officially beginning our training. Up until now, we were just running three times a week, ensuring that we had a comfortable base of about 6-8 miles a week. Now, things get a bit more serious, and we have to complete our training runs each week in order to reach our goal.

Today it was raining. It rains here all the time, especially in the Spring...and Fall...and Winter. HAHA!
I have never liked running in the rain...but my coach (Scott) says that we must be prepared for any type of weather, and we might as well get out there and run, because the day of the race it could be pouring. Highly unlikely, I think..since it is at the end of June.

He showed me this clip: "No Excuses"
Warhawk Matt Scott, for Nike, will tell you like it is.

I ran in the rain. I did not give an excuse, I just did it.
It actually felt reviatlizing to be soaking wet, and to keep on running.

I hope you all overcome that thing that is keeping you away from being a fit and healthy person. 


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