Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Screen Time

"Screen Time"...that is what we call it in our home. The kids come home from school, have a quick snack, do homework, practice piano, and the next question is, "Can I have screen time?" This involves time on the computer, watching TV, playing video games...anything in front of the screen.
They are drawn to it, they crave it, and when their time is up and mom asks them to turn it off...there can be so much drama and even tears.

I saw this clip and thought I would share.

Media and Children by Dimitri Christakis

Very interesting, if you have the time to listen. It is about 16 minutes, but well worth the information, especially if you have a small child who watches lots of TV.
I was not shocked to see that the more TV a child watches before 3, the more inattention they have by age 7. He encourages cognitive learning...such as reading to your child, and taking them to a museum.
The clip is old..but the knowledge is the same..and it is something individuals have been warning against for some time.

Stop letting your kids have so much screen time!

We have tried many different things to control screen time, but in the end, it was easier to set down some hard rules. For ex. No screen time before school.

We really believe that kids can do some amazing things, and build some incredible things when given a chance to create and be away from the screen. We want them to build relationships, fight over toys, and beg us to go outside.

If only I could be strong enough on the days when it is just easier to turn on the screen to babysit them while I cook dinner, or get a chore completed.

For things to change, I have to change...that is my new motto!

Try these strategies, if you are trying to cut back the amount of screen time your kids watch.

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