Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Break

Two weeks with no school, three boys to keep away from the screen (because I just set the goal to decrease screen time in our family...ouch...should have planned that one better!), and the weather is forecast for rain, rain, rain. No biking, no hiking, no playgrounds...yikes.
No problem, my days of running a summer program for kids is all coming back to me..and the teacher personality is ready to take on this challenge. Keep them busy, have some fun and teach them something. I can do this!
I am actually quite excited to plan this out for them, and enjoy my time at home with them for once.

Here are my themes for the Week 1:

Day 1 - Space
Day 2 - Food for Health
Day 3 - Science
Day 4 - Art and Nature
Day 5 - Robots

Check back to see how things went...
I should also warn you, I am not the best at remembering to take pictures. I will try my hardest to take a few shots, but when I get involved with teaching something, I don't think to pick up the camera!


  1. So cool. Can I come play too?? (And I mean just me, not the kids ;)

  2. After a week like this, I am going to need a girls night out...then mommy can have her fun time too!