Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Healthier Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching and we all know that it is traditionally all about candy...which can mean lots of sugar, fat, and calories. If you are hoping to keep your kids healthy during this sugar-heavy time of year, consider trying some of these tips.

Have children pick their five favourite treats from their bag, then use one of these suggestions below for the remainder of their candy.

- Switch out some of the treats they've collected for ones that are lower in calories and fat. Some favourites are dark chocolate, red licorice, or hard candies.

- Provide the option of trading in some or all of their candy for a toy or book they've been eyeing.

- Stock your own trick or treat bowl with healthier choices such as raisins, pencils, stickers, or passes to a local community centre.

- Provide an opportunity for them to earn back their treats through activities that can help burn calories.  This helps teach them that if we burn off more energy, we can splurge on extra treats.

And, if you are looking for something different to hand out this year...try some of these on the chart below. If you can't read it, click it.

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