Friday, October 4, 2013

No Yelling

I forgot to mention how the first month went for me. Remember that I also took on a challenge to work out every day? Well..I almost did it. I kept 27 coins, and felt a real habit forming. So, along with the kids, I get to add to my out everyday and no yelling. If I yell, they get to take a coin from my jar. And, I can lose more than one coin a day! Every time I yell, I lose one! Yikes. What have I gotten myself into? I seriously want to stop raising my voice though, and I know this can help. we go, Mom joins the out every day and no yelling allowed. I will keep you posted! Join me, if you think you can go 30 days yell free.

I found this to help me stay motivated...
Or this...
How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids

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