Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Month 2 - Make your own Meals

Oh yah...this is going to be good!
When we announced this month that we are doing a new challenge, the boys were actually excited.
Yes, they still have to make their bed and keep their floor clean every day...and they still get 30 coins in their jar. But, this month we add to the experiment. They make one meal a week from beginning to end.

They each chose a day of the week (Luke = Tuesday, Tyler = Saturday and Zach = Thursday).
They decide what they are going to make, give the list of ingredients to mom (so she can make sure we have everything), and then on their night, they set the table, make the meal (with limited help from Mom), serve the meal, and clean up (yes...not just put things in the dishwasher...but wash all the dishes and clean up the kitchen!).
All my kids like to cook, and they already have experience in the kitchen, and have been taught safety around the stove and knives.
If, for any reason, they are unable to complete this part of the experiment, they lose 5 coins. That is right...if they make the meal, and don't want to clean up....5 coins. This is a package deal. It is all or nothing.

Who knows what we are going to eat...that is totally up to them. Hey, I serve things they don't it is their turn. HAHAHAHA

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  1. Love it! You guys have to keep us posted on what they end up making