Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gardening..Harvest Time

I know that I haven't been very diligent in taking pictures of the garden progression...and here we are  in harvest season...I really should have taken a picture when everything was beautiful and green...oh well!

It has been a wonderful summer adventure, and we have learned it is very hard work to keep a garden weed free, but the benefits are wonderful. The boys have had a great time picking the veggies, with many more days to pick still! We have made borscht twice already, with the beets and cabbage, we shelled peas and froze them, plucked carrots straight from the ground and ate them, experimented with the green onion, tried a kohlrabi for the first time, ate a ton of spinach and swiss chard (my favorite), found cucumbers hidden under their leaves, and are anxiously waiting for the corn and squash. The beans and the tomatoes were not as successful as we hoped, but we did our best.

Here is the one tomato plant we grew in our backyard has taken over the fence, and is still growing...tomatoes are hidden everywhere, but no red ones yet.

It has been a huge blessing for us to be able to work on the garden this year. Thank you to the wonderful woman who let us take over her yard! We did not go as regularly as I would have liked, especially when the summer got busy with activities, but as I have watched the boys discover their abilities I feel proud that we made the decision to work together.

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