Friday, September 14, 2012

Gifts for the teacher

School teachers are under appreciated. They spent many hours caring and teaching our children, and we don't do enough to show our gratitude. This year, we are going to give a little something to our teachers each month (why wait until the end of the year to show them how much they mean to us?)
The boys are thinking of small things that will make their teacher happy. Their mission is to listen (so they can hear what the teacher likes) and look (so they can see what the teacher needs).

The first week of school, we put these together....a few cookies in a snack size ziplock, with the print out, folded in half and stapled on. 

They may not look as beautiful as these... 
(as I said before, my crafting abilities are non existent)
...but our teachers will still feel loved!

Mason Jar Teacher Gifts & ‘One Smart Cookie’ Free Printable      One Smart Cookie Teacher Gifts

Giggles Galore One Smart Cookie Teacher Gifts

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