Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The morning workout

Every morning I wake up at 6:00am.
Okay, not every morning...and I just started this week...but my goal is to wake up at 6:00am M-F. I want to wake up, do some quiet reading and then do a quick workout before my kids wake 6:00am it is! I tried this for a few months before the summer, and found I loved here we go again.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I do a short workout routine. I took some of my favorites from BodyRock, and made a simple and quick workout.
On Tuesday and Thursday I do a run (somewhere between 2 and 4 miles..depending on how I feel and if I am training for a race).

Here is my morning workout routine.
I use a timer on my watch...30 secs on and 10 secs rest.
If you do not have a timer, you could do 20 reps of each exercise.

Bottom Jacks (Jumping Jacks without the arms)
Squat and Kick out to the front
Heel Kicks (Run in place with heels touching your behind)
Squat and Touch Floor in front of you
High Knees
Squat and Leg out to the side
Push ups (on the toes)
Sit ups (all the way up)
Mountain Climbers
Abs - Scissors Legs

This workout is about 6 mins long...if you have time repeat it again and again!
If you don't know what one of these are..check out Body Rock and they will show you.

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