Friday, November 16, 2012


During the summer, I recognized that I am more of an angry mother than I want to be.

I tried different things to help me and I will blog them in the next few weeks. I have been waiting, because I was not sure if I wanted to write it down so that all the world can see. Then, I realized if I can't talk about it, and share how I have changed, and what has made my life happier, how can I help others? Is that not the purpose of this blog anyway? Yes. So before this year is over, I will blog my experiences.

As I deal with my outbursts, and try to keep my anger under control, there have been many words of good advice from friends and family. It is so wonderful to know that when I share with people my weakness, no one has made fun of me, and better yet, no one has judged me. We all have weaknesses, but a large part in changing them to a strength is admitting that you are weak.
One of the tips from a good friend was to start drinking Peter Gillham's Natural CALM, which is a magnesium Citrate Powder. She used it for her son who was dealing with anxiety. I put 1 tsp. in a cup of hot water until it dissolves, then drink it (or put it in a shake, or add my favorite juice). I began using it on Monday, Sept 24th and just like to drink it warm by itself. It has a raspberry lemon flavour. I think it is good for my overall health, and if it can help me remain CALM, even better!
This is not an advertisement. It is simply something I have tried that helps me.
Altogether, I find when I am well rested, have eaten well, and drink enough water, I feel better, I get irritated less often and I can deal with the challenges of raising kids in a calm and patient manner.


  1. I'm looking forward to hearing your tips! We can ALL be better parents and we should all be helping each other out so thanks for taking the time to share! :)