Tuesday, November 27, 2012

From Crib to Bed..Making the transition

Our little boy is two (not even two and a half yet!), and he is ready to leave the crib. I am not ready...I always thought the crib could hold him for a little while longer. He proved me wrong and has been getting in and out by himself regularly. We decided to take down the crib, but just keep the crib mattress on the floor, so he can adjust to the freedom, and also the strangeness of being somewhere new to sleep. Our little guy even helped me to take down the crib and put it away.

Tonight was the first night, and things went smoothly.

I have to say though, it is all about routine. For the past few months (since we knew this transition was coming), we would bath him, brush teeth, read books, say prayers and then put him into the crib. Then we sing him a song, and say good night. Like every other kid, he asked for water...or begged us not to leave. We just stood firm, said good night and closed the door.
Okay..Scott closes the door (that works for him), but with me..the one way I knew he would stay on his pillow was the leave the door open a crack. I feel it is okay that Mom and Dad are different, as long as we each find something that works, and we agree what the time limit is in the bedroom. Routines don't work when one person stays in and holds their hand until they go to sleep, while the other wants to say good night and leave. Scott and I agree that the best thing is to be loving and firm. We both know that the child has to leave to go to sleep on their own, and we both agreed to the routine long ago when he was still breastfeeding.
Anyway...since the routine is in place, a bed on the floor is kind of exciting. He is a big boy now. No more crib. We practiced what it would feel like going to sleep. This afternoon, I tucked him in, and said good night..left for 30 secs..then came back in and said, "Good morning, time to get up!" He jumps out and gives me a hug.
One trick..he had no nap today. He hasn't been napping for a few weeks actually. He had lots of exercise, and good food so by 7pm, he was ready for bed.
As I was leaving, he asked me for the crib. I told him the crib is put away. He said he was a baby. I replied that he is Mommy's big boy and gave him a hug. I made sure he had all the things he usually has in his crib (his blanket, and two dogs), so things were familiar. I also told him that I would come back in the morning and wake him up (just like we practiced), and then left. He wanted the door open a bit, and I was fine with that (since that is what I usually do.). 10 minutes later, he was fast asleep.
We already know that one good night does not mean everything is going to be perfect...we know that it is going to take a few weeks before things are settled.
Everything in the room stayed the same (even the same crib mattress)..only the crib was gone.
He helped to take apart the crib.
We practiced what it would be like to sleep and wake up.
Kept the same bedtime routine.
He had lots of exercise and no nap
One thing at a time...take small steps...it will help minimize the possible transition trama.

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