Wednesday, September 4, 2013

No reminding!

It has been a few days, and I here is what is sounds like at our house...I can't help it.

Night before, Jenny says, "Don't forget to clean up", "Opps, there are some things on your floor...remember to clean it up, or Mom will take a coin", "I see a few things on the floor, better make sure those are picked up before tomorrow"

In the morning, Jenny says, "I hope everyone made their beds", "I am going to check today once you are in school, I hope you get to keep all your coins", "Luke (my 3 year old), do you need help to get your bed made?", "Okay, we are heading to school..last chance to check your rooms"


Scott gently reminded me that part of it being an EXPERIMENT, is for us to back of completely, and see if they can do it ALONE. The best way for them to learn, is to say NOTHING, and let them realize at the end of the month, once they count their coins. Also, how proud do you think they will be when they keep all 30 coins, and did  not need any prodding from Mom? And how much better will they do the job the month after they lose a few coins?

Let's try again...this time...NO REMINDING. I am keeping my mouth shut.

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