Sunday, September 8, 2013

Our 6 Month Plan for the Experiment

Many people have asked me what our plan is...and yes..knowing us, there is a plan.

Here it is:

September - Keep bedroom clean.
Beds made and floor clean/clear every morning. They lose one coin for an incomplete day.
October - Meal Planning. 
Each kid gets one day a week. They get to plan dinner, shop for the food, make it and clean up everything afterwards. My boys already love the kitchen, so this one is going to be a winner. They will lose 5 coins for an incomplete day.
November - Laundry.
Each kid picks a day to do their own laundry. The boys that share a room can do it together! It is going to be exciting teaching them to use the machines. They will lose 5 coins for an incomplete day.
December - Service with a Smile. 
We are going to think of as many ways possible to serve others, and do it with a cheerful heart.
January - Toilets and Home Repair. 
This will be our month of Saturday helpers. They get to fix things, clean bathrooms, and generally hang with Dad, making trips to Home Depot.
February - Party Planning and Manners
We want to teach them time management, etiquette/manners and proper planning. Each kid gets to host a party. They will have a budget, pick a day and time, and do everything from invitations to refreshments and thank you gifts!

Kay's list is 12 months long, and has more tasks..that I either left out, or combined, knowing it would be easier to keep them on task. For a reward at the end of February (if everything goes smoothly), they get to plan our Spring Break Holiday (that will be the working together part).

Each month they will get 30 coins in their jar...but it is going to get harder to keep the 30 coins each month...with rooms, meals and laundry. Wow...this is really going to be a challenge, but I know they can do it!

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