Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 1

Week 1 

Last night... before bed, the kids all had stuff on their floor. It was so difficult for me to walk over it to say good night, and not to say anything about clean up. I just held my tongue and pretended like I did not see it. I thought for sure it would be there in the morning when I checked. My boys surprised me. When I woke up (yes, I got to sleep in until 8am this morning! Thanks Scott!)...I went directly to their rooms, and all beds were made, and all floors were clean. No joke. I was shocked. I came down the stairs, Scott and I looked at each other...thinking...he/she must have reminded them...but NO, neither of us said a thing. SUCCESS.
And, Tyler did not complain about cleaning the floor himself...he even made Luke's bed for him. What a sweetheart!

Lessons Learned:

I have seen a change in the relationship between Tyler and Luke (who share a room). They are playing much better together, and helping each other. It is true that when you serve someone, you start to love them more.

Mom has learned to keep her mouth shut. They have proven that they understand and don't need to be treated like babies. No reminding. Talk less, and they will learn more.

Don't make a big deal out of taking coins. When Zach asked me if I had taken a coin for a container left on the floor, I said yes. He replied that it wasn't fair, and he didn't know it counted. I responded that it was on the floor. He went and picked it up, and asked if he could have the coin back. I said no. He did not melt down...he understood the rules, and I stayed consistent. He did not leave anything on the floor for the rest of the week!

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