Thursday, October 13, 2011

Challenge ME: #1 - The Spice Cupboard

Who has a cupboard like this?
All the spices, baking supplies, cake decorating, candles, etc..are put up here, and you can't find what you looking for in 10 seconds?

Here is what I did:

Step 1: Take everything out and put it on a flat surface.

Step 2: Clean the empty cupboard.

Step 3: Sort alphabetically
While sorting, throw away/recycle empties, check expiration dates and clean off the containers to be put back on the shelf.

Step 4: Consolidate the duplicates
This family loved Italian seasoning and Onion Salt, they had numerous half empty containers in various spots in the kitchen. I found them all and consolidated for more space.

Step 5: Find a storage solution
There are many great ways to store spices out there, check this out: Ten Spice Storage Options
But if you want to be frugal, use what you already have...
remember I only had 30 mins to do this challenge. 

Try this...
- I put all the small liquid bottles (extracts) together a see through plastic container. 
- I placed all the decorating needs(tips, candles, mini icing tubes) in a ziplock bag (all together and easy to grab when you are ready to decorate)
- I took all the bags of herbs that were opened, that would not fit into a jar, in separate snack size ziplocks and marked them with a sharpie. These were put into another plastic container.
- They had a healthy supply of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg, so I grouped those together in another small plastic container. 
- Placed one container on top of the baggies of extra spices/herbs that are only needed to refill the jars.
- Took all the baking supplies (oil, breadcrumbs, salt, etc) and grouped them together.
- Placed all the extra packets (soup mix, taco season, gravy mix) in a large ziplock bag.
- Put all the spices back alphabetically, so they are easy to find (with the ones less used at the back)

DONE in 30 minutes! 

While timing myself, I had to stop the clock a few times...I had to find a sharpie, ziplock bags, and storage containers that were not in use in other parts of the house. 

Neat thing is...the family had a cool storage idea in a wasted space between a wall and cupboard in the kitchen, so we used it to put the large containers, and the three most used spices for easy grabbing!

If you want to get really crazy, check out this blog:

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