Thursday, October 27, 2011

Meal Planning

Meal Planning will save you time and money.
Decide what your family goals are around meals/food. 
Make a plan and try it out.
Keep track of all the meals that you all love. (Repeat them for less planning)
Create a place to store your recipies. (binder, cookbook, computer)

Our goals for family dinners: 

Eat more veggies, Conserve on food costs, Try new things, and Involve the kids.

Just as the seasons change, our goals and weeknight names change.
The important thing is to have a plan, and use it.
I am not listing all our meals, just giving you a few examples...

Here is our meal plan:

Moms Meaty Monday - You get the idea, the meals have meat.
Salmon, Tilapia, Korean Kalbi, Crabcakes, Steak, Pork chops...

Trim Slim Tuesday - This is our vegetarian night, and time for us to try new things.
Veggie Stirfry, Salads, Quinoa, Eggs (Quiche), Potatoes...

Wacky Pasta Wednesday - The kids love pasta.
Lasange, Alfredo, Spaghetti, Jazzy Ramen...

Tiny Budget Thursday - Use what we have to create a new meal, or keep it simple.
Leftovers, Soup, Casseroles, Perogies...

Family Favorite Friday - The kids night to decide and help cook.
Pizza, Sushi, Hamburgers, Tacos, Breakfast for Dinner...

Scott's Spicy Saturday - Scott loves spicy food. He also loves to cook. This is his night to enjoy both.
Indian, Thai, Fajitas, Enchiladas...

Crockpot Sunday - we go to church on Sunday, and it is a day I feel like doing less cooking. The crockpot makes it easy, throw it all in the crock in the morning and eat later in the day.
Chilli, Soup, Roast, Stroganoff...

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