Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Overcome Chore Wars Together

In your home, who takes out the garbage? Who cleans the dishes, folds the laundry and cleans the floors? There are many chores to be done each day to keep a home orderly and clean. Making the decision of who does what and when can lead to contention.

Instead of worrying about who does most of the work, and starting a chore war in your family, decide to work together. Here is insight from Dr. Robi Ludwig called, "Time for a truce in chore wars between couples". It is a 4 1/2 min. video clip, along with written suggestions on how to work together. Check it out!

When Scott and I were first married, we were both working and going to school, and chores were easy. I think we did laundry once a week. We are both pretty tidy people so we took care of our own things, we both cooked, and we both cleaned up. But even in this type of relationship, there are still arguments over chores. The one thing we both disliked the most was doing dishes. They would pile up, waiting and taunting us to fight over whose turn it was. We had no dishwasher and had to do everything by hand (I know, how terrible!). Our chore war was solved by insightful parents who bought us a portable dishwasher for Christmas. It saved our marriage!

Now with three kids, chores are much different. They take longer, and there is more to do on an ongoing basis. There are ways to have the whole family involved in keeping the home in order. The idea I liked the best from the clip is something that works for us everytime: cleaning up together and then having a reward together! Key word TOGETHER!

Let's say it is Friday night and the kids want to stay up to watch a movie..sure no problem...clean up the room, help mom finish up dishes, take out the garbage, put away books, etc, etc, etc...NOW we can relax and watch as a family.

How about it is Saturday morning and the boys want to go to the bike park..sure no problem...room gets cleaned up, laundry gets folded and put away, carpets get vacuumed and we all go on the outing together.

It really works!

And in the end...#7 from her ideas:  Just do it. As you know, sometimes cleaning won’t be fun, but it is a necessary part of life. A clean home has a better chance at being a happy home … so clean away and make your home sparkle and shine!

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