Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It all started....

...on a 10 hour drive in our minivan. We drove through the night, so the kids could sleep. We picked up my sister for the road trip. We needed an extra driver, and she needed a vacation. It was great to have her along as we debated our personalities. Without her, we may have not discussed things so openly. Thanks sis!

The main theme: Scott is efficient, and Jenny is effective.
Both are wonderful traits to have, but when conflicts arise in our home, which way is better...mine or his?

Let me give you an example.
Jenny says..."look Scott, I got everything put away nicely in our one small storage closet."
Scott says..."that is great, but how do I get the step stool out when I need it? It's packed behind 4 boxes."
Jenny says..."That is where it fit best."
Scott says..."There has to be another way, I can't even see it there."
Jenny says..."Well, you know where it is, just move the boxes and take it out when you need it"
Scott says..."Are you kidding?"

Many of our conversations would follow the same pattern. Which drawer to put the utensils in, where to keep the napkins, how to teach the kids about money, how to plan meals, and how to save more money.
You name it, and we have debated it.
We were butting heads every single time we have a choice to make...until I realized that we were coming from different perspectives, it was hard not to feel "wrong" about my ideas, since Scott always seemed "right".

The trip we took this summer helped us solve that. Now, there is no right or wrong, no his way or my way. Scott is efficient and I am effective. We may be different, but we can work together, because we both have the same goal in mind: a happy, healthy family.

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