Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Staying organized online

I just joined Pinterest. 
It is an online pinboard, and a fantastic way to keep things organized online.
Whenever you find a site you like, a quote you want to remember, a recipe you want to try, a cool idea for the kids that you want to make, or just something awesome that you want to show your friends...all you have to do is put a pin in it. Pinterest will save that item to your board (and you can have a bunch of boards with different titles). I will never have to retype a google search, or fill up my browser with bookmarks, or even say, "I know I saw it yesterday...where did it go?"

Here are 10 ways to stay organized online, and increase your productivity.

Out of the ideas from this site, we really like Google Docs, Google Calendar and Remember the Milk.

Google Docs
is great to share lists we have made...For ex. Things we want to buy. We each add things to the list, and when the time comes, we talk over which item has a higher priority, and then we research and get it.

Google Calendar
keeps us both informed of our schedules. We can both enter things and the calendar is shared between when I have appointments after school, and Scott wants to fit in a training run, he can see what the family is up to without having to wait until he gets home or phone us. When there is a conflict, we can sort it out before that day comes. Everyone gets their own colour!
There is another neat Family Calendar called Cosi. Same idea...but this one comes with a journal feature, places for pictures, shopping lists, and other cool dodats.

Remember the Milk
is a system that Scott has are his thoughts: I've used Remember The Milk for almost 3 years now.  It is an extremely easy way to keep track of all of your tasks and to-do lists.  Since it's web-based, you can access it from any computer.  It also has a great iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad application and interfaces with popular online tools such as Gmail and Google Calendar.

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