Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Which one are you?

Focuses on the desired resultFocuses on doing one's work in the correct manner
Seeks successesSeeks to avoid failure
End of task most importantMeans or resource to do a task most important
Oriented toward strategy and setting and keeping prioritiesOriented toward keeping the present system going
Uses a job description to define the work to be done and to set goals based on prioritiesPerforms each of the stated duties of a job description in the correct manner.
Attempts to find new ways to perform the task betterConcerned with keeping the status quo (things the way they are)
Anticipates changeReacts to change
Flexible when change requires it.Inflexible -- determined to carry out plans regardless of change.
Motivated toward growthComfortable with keeping things as they are.
Constantly giving critical evaluation of a taskProne to keeping record of what is going on.

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