Monday, October 10, 2011

Toilet Paper Holder

Everyone uses toilet paper. 
What happens when you use the last of the roll, but still need more? Your options are: rummage through the cupboard, shout to your family to bring you another roll, use the tissue or towel (anything within reach), or run, pants down, to the linen closet to get another roll. 
What if it is someone else's home? There is no way you are going to shout out that you need more.

Here is the solution to keep your family and guests happy.

Oh no, we are almost out of toilet paper...hmmm...I wonder what is in that nice container?
Ahhh, an extra roll. Perfect!
The great thing is, you can choose any style, colour or shape that will work in your bathroom. 
Just remember, it must fit one roll of toilet paper. All of these work!
Box is from HomeSense, Brown round is from Ten Thousand Villages and Tall Blue is from Ikea.(It can hold two rolls!)

If you don't like it on the back of your toilet, find another place (within arms reach of the toilet), like on the window sill! 
Here is the one in our guest bathroom, also from Ikea. 
Thank you to my mother in law for this inspiring idea. It keeps the home organized, efficient and beautiful.


  1. I really need to get something like this for my bathroom....not for my guests but for my kids!!!!

  2. Oh yes, the kids think it is also a great place to keep tiny treasures. HAHAHA