Friday, October 14, 2011

Challenge ME #2 - Under the Kitchen Sink


Under the kitchen sink becomes a catch all for all types of cleaners, scrubbers, plastic bags, unused fish tank supplies, pans, bottles, hardware...some others keep their garbage can and/or drying rack for dishes under the sink as well. That is a lot of stuff to keep in one place, and I am not sure how sanitary it is to keep all these things together. 


Steps to take:

1. Take everything out and give everything a good scrub down.

2. Find something to put on the bottom of the cabinet. In case there is a spill, or leak of any is much easier to clean it up. (or replace). You could use vinyl paper, peel and stick tiles, adhesive backed plastic or even aluminum foil. We found plastic cardboard (the stuff used for creating signs) and cut it to fit.

3. Decide what you want to go under the sink and find a new home for anything that does not belong.
(In this case, there is no garbage or drying rack or plastic bags to put under - those are kept elsewhere, so there was plenty of room for the cleaners)

4. Find a caddy or container that is portable. Keep the basics like all purpose cleaner, window cleaner, paper towels, scrubbers, in it, so when you need to clean anywhere in the house, you can take it with you. This also saves on you having to keep cleaners under every sink in your home.

cleaning caddy

Here are some more neat ideas to make your under the sink more efficient and effective!

under the sink storage caddy
under sink tension rod
Under the sink storage

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